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Page 1 of 25 Things to Know About England Premier League 2019 The 27 th EPL season is here, and fans are rejoicing as England is back with another exciting football game. With its foundation in 1992, the premier league has made it to the top amongst England’s sports leagues with 20 teams competing each year. In the betting- universe.com , it remains one of the more popular sporting events. So, let us have a look at some facts you surely couldn’t have known! 1. The Effect of Brexit While the news of the UK's exit from the European Union left the world in shock, nobody thought about the possible effects this could have on the world’s best premier league as it describes itself. The chaos it will create is unimaginable. Most players hold a visa outside of the EU will face issues as there might be instability in the migration law. The players will need to apply for a work permit. On a good note, the chances are that local players within the EU will have an advantage over it as it will be a farewell for most foreign players will be forced to. 2. Top Teams in the Game Play Manchester United has been the leading clubs since the foundation of the EPL followed by Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester City. Amongst the other teams this season, chances are that these teams will lead the scoreboard once again in a row. 3. Qualification in the International Places The 4 top most clubs will get to be a part of the UEFA Champions League. According to rules, The 5 th team to qualify will get to play in the Europa league. If any of the above teams get to win in these leagues, the 7 th qualifying team is eligible to enter the domestic game in Europe. 4. Fantasy Premier League For die-hard football fans, an online game called Fantasy Football League is taking this EPL season to another level. You simply have to go and sign up on the official website and select your favorite club. The game begins once your profile is verified. You are free to choose the players of your choice. What is more interesting that you get the live experience of the game you love while you lounge at home! 5. Treasure Trove: The Official Page of the Premier League With amazing features like live blogs, game plan and results, the page will let you stay updated with the current events of the league. The live blog is one such section which gives you all the updates right when the match is going on. If you can’t watch the game for some reason, this will serve your needs. You can get to analyze the strategy of the teams and read all the current affairs about your favorite players. There is an entire section based on the club profiles with all the relevant information about the participating clubs. The photo gallery section has a collection of all the recent photographs from previous games, season launch, etc. The video section has video
Page 2 of 2updates of all the matches including the interview of the players and special moments from the games.

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