A Guide: Staying Involved with College Basketball


You may have graduated many moons ago, but that doesn’t mean that you need to lose contact with the game that you love, college basketball. There are plenty of ways for you to stay involved with this sport and its many leagues and teams, and this doesn’t necessarily just entail checking out match reports on the web.

To find out how you can stay very much involved with the world of college basketball, be sure to read the guide below.

Become an association ambassador

College basketball associations all across the country are always looking out for new ambassadors. In such a role

College basketball associations all across the country are always looking out for new ambassadors. In such a role, it would be your job to represent the team that employs you in the best possible light.

A few examples of the kinds of roles you could take on as an associate ambassador include:

• Journalist
• Photographer
• Driver
• Officiating
• Fundraiser
• Marketing executive

Try your hand at coaching

With many years of experience in the world of college basketball under your belt, you could very well be the perfect fit for a coaching role in the field.

In this instance, your first port of call should be to check out Breakthrough Basketball. There, you will find authoritative advice regarding what it takes to become a college basketball coach. A rundown of this advice is as follows:

• To coach at Division I, you need a degree in sports science
• To coach at Division II, Division III, and NAIA, you’re going to need a postgraduate degree in a specific coaching subject matter
• You must enter the coaches pool
• You must embark on a developmental scheme that sees you get real-life experience with a team

Become a game referee

Game referees are an essential component in the world of college basketball. They are the ones that keep the young, sometimes egotistical college players on the straight and narrow while they are on the court, meaning they are the ones that bring order to the sport. If you think you’re up to this all-important task, why not become a match official?

To be able to officiate a college basketball game, you first need to:

• Enter an officials development scheme
• Get involved with a hire service

College basketball is sometimes hard to come by on the TV, but not if you know where to look for it. Make sure to keep an eye on ESPN at all times in order to keep up with the ever-changing NCAA Basketball schedule.

If simply watching this sport on TV is not enough for you, you could try having a little flutter on it from time to time. By placing bets on college basketball via a bookmaker such as Unibet, you will have more riding on the outcome of the games that you watch and, thus, you will feel more impassioned by the sport. There’s nothing like the prospect of a huge windfall to get you on the edge of your seat, that’s for sure!

Depending on how much of your time, effort, and dedication you wish to put into this venture, there are always options out there for you when you want to get more involved with college basketball.



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