The Baseball Season: What Should You Look Out For?


The Baseball Season: What Should You Look Out For?
Get ready for another outstanding season of baseball on display, starting this March 20. You can see some of the best baseball matches till September 29, which will be followed by the World Series on October 22.
If you are betting on your favourite baseball matches with WV online sports betting, we are sure you already know about all that’s going on. For instance, you are sure to be looking forward to July 9, when we will have the 90th Major League Baseball All-Stars game.
If you are just starting out on your betting journey, don’t worry. We will help you know the top players you can bet on this season and will be taking a look at some of their best matches.
Wright State- Best in The League
The team that emerged gloriously are The Raiders. The season saw them win 39 games. They won the Horizon League by a good five-game margin.
Wright State moved through the Horizon League to move forward to the NCAA Tournament thrice in four years. The Raiders should buck-up.
Wright State is the most talented in the league.
Peyton Burdick- Most Outstanding Player
The player of the Year so far is Peyton Burdick, Wright State. Burdick is a righthanded hitter. He is 6 foot and has a 210-pound frame.
A great runner, he made a strong comeback after he missed out on all the fun in 2017 because of a surgery.
He won all the Horizon League honors.
Zane Collins, Wright State, -Pitcher of the Year
This guy knows his stuff well and superb pitching which makes him the pitcher of the year. He came to be a star performer a year ago on the Cape. He has the ability to dominate the Horizon League Hitters this season.
Andrew Hoffman, Oakland-Freshman of the Year
6-foot-5 and weighing 195 pounds, he is a significant player, with an exceptional prep career at Plainfield East High. He has it all to make it big this season.
The Season So Far
UIC has been one of the front runners this season. It should be remembered that in the last season finished second to the Raiders. It lost them the Horizon League Tournament Championship Game.
The Flames should have a revamped line-up; they need a much more powerful team. The pressure should be felt less on the less experienced and newbies.
Milwaukee needs improvement. If they can’t afford a couple more pitchers, their offensive should at least be supportive.
The Flames should replace two of the players from last years pitching staff because they lost some of the best in baseball, Ryan Campbell and Charlie Cerny.
The Panthers are very experienced and the loss of pro-Austin Schulfer is hard to take.
The projections are a bit tough for the coming days. Many players are yet to make an impact.
A lot depends upon the spring training and how the players perform.
Which of these players and teams are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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