The KillerFrogs Episode 85 (S04E27) – The Illusion of Control


It’s all about Basketball and Baseball in this episode of The KillerFrogs. We talk about the end of the regular season in hoops. Will the men make it to the dance? Will the women make the NIT? Will Schloss find a Sunday starter? WC and Wes ask, “Who’s on third base?” We forget to announce next week’s amazing guest until the very end—it’s Royce Huffman, by the way—and Sean complains about being follicly challenged while simultaneously losing control of the podcast; all in this week’s The KillerFrogs.

Show Notes

This is season 4 episode 27, but after a listener emailed us asking why we keep saying season 4 Sean went back to tally up all of the last 4 years of episodes and discovered that we’re actually on episode 85. So, from here on the panel would like to just use the episode number; you can send all complaints and questions to (you’re welcome Wes).



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