Gameday: #21 TCU 46 – OU 52

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Scoring Summary

1Q 14:11 – Hill pass to Austin 18yd (TCU 7, OU 0)
1Q 7:39 – Mayfield with a 4yd keeper (OU 7, TCU 7)
1Q 5:29 – Hill to Hunt for 4yd (TCU 14, OU 7)
1Q 2:42 – Hill to Hicks 61yd (TCU 21, OU 7)
2Q 14:54 – Mayfield 9yd keeper (OU 14, TCU 21)
2Q 11:23 – Perine 6yd Rush (OU 21, TCU 21)
2Q 7:21 – Mayfield 67yd Pass to Westbrook (OU 28, TCU 21)
2Q 3:30 – Mayfield 41yd Pass to Westbrook (OU 35, TCU 21)
2Q 0:05 – 23yd FG (TCU 24, OU 35)
3Q 12:42 – Mixon 2yd Rush (OU 42, TCU 24)
3Q 4:11– Perine 1 yard Rush (OU 49, TCU 24)
4Q 14:29 – Hill to Williams 64 yards (TCU 31, OU 49)
4Q 8:08 – Option Hill to Hicks 2 yards (TCU 38, OU 49)
4Q 5:36 – Hill to Williams 75 yards; 2pt Conversion (TCU 46, OU 49)
4Q 1:55 – 35 yard FG (OU52, TCU 46)

OU will take a knee from this point on, no timeouts left… BALLGAME

TCU 16th Possession (1:49 4Q)

1st and 10, TCU 28: FLAG… false start… of course
1st and 15: Pass falls incomplete
2nd and 15 (1:44): Refs having another conference… FLAG… They now call intentional grounding after not calling intentional grounding…
2nd and 20: Pass complete for 9 yards
3rd and 11: Hill SACKED
4th and 20 (1:20): Hill’s pass is incomplete, no one home. TURNOVER ON DOWNS… OU takes over at the TCU 18

Kickoff (1:55 4Q): Diarse and Gray back deep… Interesting move putting Diarse back there… Gray takes it back to the TCU 28

OU 15th Possession (5:36 4Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: Pass out to Perine, Orr makes a nice shoestring tackle, gain of 3
2nd and 7: FLAG… Pass complete to Westbrook… Ineligible Man Downfield on OU
2nd and 12: Pass complete to Mixon, Summers on the coverage looked to have position but the catch is made at the OU 49
1st and 10, OU 49: FLAG… Facemark on TCU
1st and 10, TCU 36: Mixon up the middle, gain of 4
2nd and 6: Pass complete to Westbrook, Gladney fell down, lucky Westbrook stepped out after the completion
1st and 10, TCU 24: Handoff to Mixon, Summers with the stop, gain of 5


2nd and 5, TCU 19 (2:15): Mayfield on the keeper is stop for a short gain of just a yard


3rd and 4, TCU 18 (2:06): Pass low and called incomplete!

Kickoff (5:36 4Q): Mixon can’t handle the kick in the end zone then meanders up to down it, close to a Frog recovery.

TCU 15th Possession (5:46 4Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: BEAUTIFUL PASS by Hill, caught in stride by Williams and he gone! TD TCU!

TIMEOUT OU – That’s their last one of the half (odd call Stoops)

2pt Conversion: Pass to the back of the end zone caught by Porter!!!! 2pt TCU, TCU 46, OU 49

OU 14th Possession (8:02 4Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: Handoff to Perine, Summers and Johnson on the stop, gain of 3
2nd and 7: Mayfield looking for his TE over the middle but he’s covered, passes to Mixon, it’s tipped, but caught for no gain
3rd and 7: Pass complete to Andrews, he’s stumbling but in the open field, Orr comes over and puts him down for no gain.
4th and 7: PUNT… fair catch by White at the TCU 25

Kickoff (8:08 4Q): Short kick fielded by Mixon at the 2, gets it down to the OU 25, Mixon slow to get up.

TCU 14th Possession (11:47 4Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Hicks following his blocker can’t get more than 3 yards
2nd and 7: Backwards pass to Diarse… HE’S GOING TO PASS… Has Austin open, jump ball, dropped
3rd and 7: Hill flushed out of the pocket, decides to run with it and gets the first down!
1st and 10, TCU 39: Hill again with the keeper for 2 yards
2nd and 8: Pass complete to Hicks along the sideline, picks up 4
3rd and 4: WR screen to Williams, makes a quick move and gets down the sideline for 16 yards
1st and 10, OU 39: INJURY TIMEOUT OU… Hill tosses it up and Porter beats the defender for the catch at the 2 yard line!
1st and GOAL: Hill with the keeper is hit hard for a loss of 1
2nd and GOAL: Hicks with the carry up the middle, stopped after a gain of 1
3rd and GOAL: Option, Hicks waits until the last second to get the defender to commit and pitches it to Hicks who walks in, TD TCU, TCU 38, OU 49

OU 13th Possession (14:23 4Q)

1st and 10, OU 23: WR screen setup on the left side, gain of 5
2nd and 5: FLAG… pass complete to Westbrook, picks up the first down. Penalty is offsides on TCU, declined
1st and 10, OU 37: Low pass intended for Andrews and Orr breaks it up.
2nd and 10: Another screen setup to Westbrook, but Texada makes a nice play breaking the block and tackling Westbrook for a loss of 1


3rd and 11: Mayfield with the keeper, tripped up short, gain of only 5 (looked like more)
4th and 6: PUNT… White back deep… fair catch at the TCU 25

Kickoff (14:29 4Q): Fielded one yard deep, taken out to the OU 23

TCU 13th Possession (0:22 3Q)

1st and 10, TCU 15: Flea Flicker for Porter is way off the mark, incomplete
2nd and 10: 4 yard pass to Hicks


3rd and 6: Pass complete to Diarse for 10 yards
1st and 10, TCU 29: Handoff to Hicks running left, picks up 7 yards
2nd and 3: Pass to Williams, WIDE OPEN, TD TCU! 64 yards on that catch and run, TCU 31, OU 49

OU 12th Possession (2:20 3Q)

1st and 10, OU 35: Perine runs for a 2 yard loss
2nd and 12: Perine going backwards again, loss of 1
3rd and 13: Mayfield ruses for 12 yards, stopped out of bounds short by a yard
4th and 1: PUNT…fair catch by White at the TCU 15

TCU 12th Possession (4:05 3Q)

1st and 10, TCU 23: Hill passes to White for 2 yards
2nd and 8: Hill keeps it and picks up 7 yards
3rd and 1: Gray with the carry loses 2 yards (sigh)
4th and 3: PUNT… fair catch by Mixon at the OU 35

OU 11th Possession (11:12 3Q)

1st and 10, OU 42: Baker with the keeper for 8 yards to midfield
2nd and 2: Mixon breaks loose for 11 yards
1st and 10, TCU 39: Mixon wrapped up by Carraway for a loss of 1
2nd and 11: Perine ruses for 6 yards
3rd and 5: NEED THIS STOP… Mayfield passes to Basque for just enough, first down OU.
1st and 10, TCU 29: Mixon rushes for 4 yards
2nd and 6: Mixon again for 2 yards
3rd and 4: Mayfield passes for the first down, gain of 6
1st and 10, TCU 17: Mayfield with the keeper for 2… FLAG… HOLDING OU
1st and 20, TCU 27: Mayfield pass complete for 3 yards
2nd and 17: Mayfield another pass complete for 9 yards
3rd and 8: Mayfield pass to the sticks complete, first down
1st and GOAL, TCU 7: FLAG… Pass Interference on TCU
1st and GOAL, TCU 2: Mixon carries for 1 yard
2nd and GOAL: Perine in the for the TD, OU 49, TCU 24

TCU 11th Possession (12:20 3Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Hill to Graham, dropped incomplete
2nd and 10: Hicks runs for a 3 yard loss
3rd and 13: Hill’s pass is incomplete, intended for Gray
4th and 13: PUNT… 36 yards, downed at the OU 42

NOTE: We had a wifi issue up here in the press box. We’re back now and will update the play-by-play at the end of the 3rd quarter.

OU 10th Possession (12:42 3Q)

1st and 10, OU 33: Mixon broke free and runs down to the OU 2 yard line
1st and GOAL: Mixon takes it in. TD OU 42, TCU 24

TCU 10th Possession (15:00 3Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Hill looking for an open receiver, finally dumps it off to Hicks over the middle for 4 yards
2nd and 6: Hicks with the carry, caught from behind, no gain
3rd and 6: Pass complete to Austin, gain of 12 for a TCU first down
1st and 10, TCU 41: FLAG… false start on Williams (not set)
1st and 15: Pass for Diarse is off his hands, incomplete
2nd and 15: SACK… loss of 6
3rd and 21, TCU 30: Hill had an open field in front of him and decides to go downfield with the ball but the pass is off the mark and well behind his intended receiver.
4th and 21: PUNT… Nunez with a 37 yard punt, fair catch called by Mixon

SECOND HALF Kickoff (15:00 3Q): Gray and Graham deep, Touchback


TCU 9th Possession (0:37 2Q)

1st and 10, OU 35: Hill pressured but steps up and has Williams open in the endzone, but overthrows him.
2nd and 10: Pass to Austin, complete to the OU 19


1st and 10, OU 19 (0:20): Pass batted down
2nd and 10 (0:15): Hill with the keeper, just won’t go down, gets it to the OU 6


1st and GOAL (0:05): FG ATTEMPT… 23yds… GOOD, TCU 24, OU 35


OU 9th Possession (2:08 2Q)

1st and 10, OU 22: Perine with the carry, 4 yard gain
2nd and 6: Perine again with the carry, Orr and Howard on the stop
3rd and 3: Perine again with the ball, up the middle down to the OU 47, 13 yard pickup

TCU 8th Possession (3:30 2Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Pass complete to Gray who was in motion, block by Diarse gets him 5
2nd and 5: Pass is batted down
3rd and 5: Hill pressured and taken down at the LOS
4th and 5: PUNT… Nunez with a great spiral punt, Mixon calls for a fair catch at the OU 22

Kickoff (3:30 2Q): Touchback

OU 8th Possession (5:35 2Q)

1st and 10, OU 43: Mayfield on the keeper, FLAG… Personal Foul OU
2nd and 25, OU 28: Pass complete to Mixon, tackled by Bradley, gain of 7
3rd and 18: Pass compete over the middle to Mixon, good for 22 yards and a first down OU
1st and 10, TCU 43: Mixon on the carry, 3yd gain
2nd and 7: Pass complete to Westbrook who beat everyone in the secondary, TD OU, OU 35, TCU 21

TCU 7th Possession (7:15 2Q)

1st and 10, TCU 9: Hicks with a rush for 7 yards to the right
2nd and 3: FLAG… false start on TCU
2nd and 8: Pass intended for Austin along the right edge is out of bounds
3rd and 8: Pass complete to White on the crossing route, but it’s far short of the first down, gain of 5
4th and 3: PUNT… Nunez to punt, Mixon back deep… rugby style, short punt, but rolls out of bounds at the OU 43, 41 yards on the punt.

Kickoff (7:21 2Q): Graham takes it out of the end zone and can only get it back to the 18, FLAG… Holding on TCU, half the distance. TCU will start on their 9

OU 7th Possession (7:58 2Q)

1st and 10, TCU 30: Mixon with the carry, Texada on the tackle, assist by Summers, gain of 3
2nd and 7: Flea Flicker, pass complete to a wide open receiver, everyone bit on that one. TD OU, OU 28, TCU 21

TCU 6th Possession (11:23 2Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Deep pass to Gray is short, Gray needs to come back, but the defender is able to close and break up the pass
2nd and 10: Hill wit the keeper tip toes and picks up the first down on a 15yd gain
1st and 10, TCU 38: TJ on the sweep, can’t find a hole, gain of just 2
2nd and 8: Handoff to Hicks off tackle, gain of 4
3rd and 4: Pass to Austin is complete, and he picks up 7 and a TCU first down!
1st and 10, OU 49: Hicks with the counter and makes it to the second level, makes a defender miss and picks up 13 yards
1st and 10, OU 36: Pass to Hicks, gain of 5
2nd and 5: Pass intended for Williams, might have been tipped, falls incomplete


3rd and 5, OU 31: Handoff to Hicks, no blocking, gain of just 1
4th and 4: Going for it… Pass is batted down TURNOVER ON DOWNS

Kickoff (11:23 2Q): Graham and Gray back deep… Graham drops the kick in the end zone, recovers and touchback.

OU 6th Possession (13:21 2Q)

1st and 10, OU 47: Quick pass complete to Jones, Summers on the tackle, gain of just 1
2nd and 9: Pass complete to Mixon, Howard can’t bring him down, Small finishes him off.
1st and 10, TCU 39: Mayfield with the keeper, 11 yard gain
1st and 10, TCU 28: Mayfield pressured, not called for intentional grounding because Mixon was in the area
2nd and 10: Mayfield overthrows an open TE in the end zone
3rd and 10: Handoff to Mixon, holding along the OU line NOT CALLED, and he gets the first down at the TCU 12
1st and 10, TCU 12: Pass complete to the TCU 8
2nd and 6: Handoff to Perine up the middle, stopped but they award the TD on the third effort after forward momentum was stopped. TD OU, REVIEW…

TCU 5th Possession (14:54 2Q)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Option Hill keeps it, reverses field, had Williams wide open but can’t get rid of the ball, SACK
2nd and 17: Pass intended for Williams downfield, incomplete


3rd and 17: FLAG… false start TCU
3rd and 22: Pass complete to Gray who nearly got back to the original line of scrimmage
4th and 11: PUNT… FLAG… Return guy hit as the ball arrived, they’re calling targeting and interference. REVIEW… confirmed. Whitmill is disqualified. OU ball at their 47

Kickoff (14:54 2Q): Touchback

OU 5th Possession (2:42 1Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: Perine trying to find a hole but there are none, no gain
2nd and 10: Perine up the middle into the second level, gain of 29
1st and 10, TCU 46: Perine again, picks up 2, Summers on the tackle.
2nd and 8: Quick pass over a TCU defender is grabbed and caught, 26 yard gain
1st and 10, TCU 18: Handoff to Perine, Summers slashes and tackles after a gain of 2
2nd and 8: Pass complete on the out route, gain of 7


3rd and 1: Mayfield keeper, finds the edge and scores TD, OU 14, TCU 21

Kickoff (2:42 1Q): Out of the end zone, touchback

TCU 4th Possession (3:36 1Q)

1st and 10, TCU 23: Pass to Anderson out of the backfield, FLAG OU Facemask, tack on 15 more.
1st and 10, TCU 39: Hill let’s it fly but the only one home is a OU safety, glad that was overthrown
2nd and 10: Hill rolls out, has only one defender in front of him but elects to pass downfield but White drops the ball
3rd and 10: Pass to Hicks on the crossing route, makes three Sooners miss and goes 61 yards for the TD, TCU 21, OU 7

OU 4th Possession (5:29 1Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: End around reverse good for 5, Johnson with the tackle.
2nd and 5: Johnson in the backfield before Mixon knew what hit him, loss of 4
3rd and 9: Mayfield on the keeper, gets the first, but FLAG… looks like holding, yup, holding on the WR to break Mayfield, it’s coming back.
3rd and 6, OU 29: Mayfield pressured but gets the pass off, but Gladney is there to break it up!
4th and 6: PUNT… White back… caught but immediately tackled at the TCU 23

Kickoff (5:29 1Q): Mixon back deep for the Sooners… another great kick deep into the end zone. Taking Mixon out of the return game is key for the Frogs today.

TCU 3rd Possession (7:33 1Q)

1st and 10, TCU 20: Option to Hicks, pick up of 3
2nd and 7: Pass to Taj on the in route, shakes off the defender and gets 15 yards
1st and 10, TCU 37: Handoff to Hicks, good patience by Hicks, picks his hole and gets 6 yards
2nd and 4: quick snap and long pass complete to Williams for 41 yards!
1st and 10, OU 15: Hill can’t find his receiver, gets out of a sack and incomplete pass to Hicks
2nd and 10: Quick pass to Slanina on the slant, 11 yard pick up
1st and GOAL, OU 4: Hicks trying to get the edge, can only get 1
2nd and GOAL: TE screen to Hunt is complete and TD FROGS!, TCU 14, OU 7

Kickoff (7:39 1Q): Graham and Gray back deep, Graham takes the ball at the goal line and gets it out to the TCU 20

OU 3rd Possession (9:06 1Q)

1st and 10, TCU 18: Perine 6yd gain
2nd and 4: Perine again, 8 yards
1st and GOAL, TCU 4: Perine for the third time, gang tackled on the right side, no gain
2nd and GOAL: Mayfield with the keeper and TD OU; OU 7, TCU 7

TCU 2nd Possession (11:52 1Q)

1st and 10, TCU 4: Hicks with the carry, good for just 1
2nd and 9: Pass complete to Hicks, pickup of 3
3rd and 6: Pass out to Austin in single coverage, caught and out of bounds after 11 yards, first down TCU
1st and 10, TCU 19: SACK Hill spun down at the TCU 5, loss of 14 yards
2nd and 24, TCU 5: Hicks through a BIG hole gets the yardage back plus 1
3rd and 9: INTERCEPTION Hill with a horrible throw to Gray that was right to the defender playing underneath. OU ball on the TCU 18

OU 2nd Possession (14:11 1Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: Mayfield on the bootleg, pass sails over his intended receiver’s head. Incomplete
2nd an 10: Mayfield with the keeper, picks up 9
3rd and 1: Mixon with the carry, gains 4 and a OU first down
1st and 10, OU 37: Pass out to edge, gain of 7
2nd and 3: Mixon with the carry, tackled short by Johnson
3rd and 1: Mixon hit in the backfield by McFarland (he flew in there!)
4th and 1: PUNT… good bounce sideways downed at the TCU 4

Kickoff (14:11 1Q): Another nice sideways kick out of the back of the corner of the end zone. Touchback.

TCU 1st Possession (14:17 1Q)

1st and 10, OU 18: Pass to Austin cross over the middle and TD TCU!!! TCU 7, OU 0

OU 1st Possession (15:00 1Q)

1st and 10, OU 25: Mixon with the handoff, gain of 3
2nd and 7: Texada with a great breakup on a pass to the boundary!
3rd and 7: PRESSURE, Mayfield fumbles…. TCU signaling and it’s FROG FOOTBALL!!!

Kickoff (15:00 1Q): Bounces in the end zone and out of bounds, touchback.

Coin Toss: TCU Captains are Diarse, Hicks, Howard, and Carraway. Oklahoma calls tails, it’s… heads. TCU wins the toss and will defer to the second half.

Closer look at the new helmets:



Those helmets are amazing, look even better in person… and now for something completely different, the new Michigan I-Formation:

Gametime: 4PM CST
Location: Amon G Carter Stadium; Fort Worth, TX



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