Gameday: TCU 33 – SMU 3 (Final)


NOTE: The internet here in the SMU press box is very slow, sorry for the delayed updates.

Scoring Summary

1Q 11:43 – SMU FG (SMU 3, TCU 0)
1Q 4:33 –
2Q 2:29 – TCU FG (TCU 6, SMU 3)
3Q 14:50 – TCU TD 75 yd pass to Diarse (TCU 13, SMU 3)
3Q 7:17 – Fade to Austin 2yds (TCU 20, SMU 3)
4Q 13:56 – 25yd FG by Hatfield (TCU 23, SMU 3)
4Q 6:54 – 30yd FG by Hatfield (TCU 26, SMU 3)
4Q 4:47 – 14yd Run by TJ (TCU 33, SMU 3)

SMU 13th Possession (1:05)

1st and 10, SMU 31: Handoff left, loss of 4
2nd and 14: Ponies going backwards, Freeman in the wildcat, James with the TFL, loss of 3


TCU 13th Possession (3:20)

1st and 10: Pass behind Zeller, no gain
2nd and 10: Handoff to Miller, gain of 3
3rd and 7: SACK… loss of 7
4th and 14: Nunez in the PUNT, Proche is back deep… muffed punt, but SMU gets on it, takes over at their 31

SMU 12th Possession (4Q 4:40)

1st and 10, SMU 19: SACK… loss of 3
2nd and 13: Pass wide of the target, incomplete
3rd and 13: Pass complete to a wide open Sutton, goes out of bounds at the SMU 34
1st and 10, SMU 34: Pass complete to Thomas, who looked to push off, no flag
1st and 10, SMU 49: INTERCEPTION!!! Orr with the pick!

Kickoff (4Q 4:47) - Line drive to Proche, kickoff coverage is there again (it’s been great all day) tackled at the SMU 19

TCU 12th Possession (4Q 6:08)

1st and 10, TCU 25: Handoff to TJ for 9 yards
2nd and 1: TJ again up the middle again gain of 10
1st and 10, TCU 44: Catch and Run to Heights down to the SMU 14, gain of 44
1st and 10, SMU 14, TJ SMASH TD TCU (TCU 33, SMU 3)

SMU 11th Possession (4Q 6:54)

1st and 10, SMU 25: Pressured, QB throws it away… FLAG Intentional grounding
2nd and 16: Pass knocked away by Scott
3rd and 16: TIMEOUT SMU… Deep pass into double coverage and Proche fights to bring down the catch
1st and 10, TCU 46: Pass is well wide and off target, incomplete out of bounds
2nd and 10: INTERCEPTION!!! Small!

Kickoff (4Q 6:54) – Touchback

TCU 11th Possession (4Q 10:42)

1st and 10, TCU 19: Screen to White gain of 5
2nd and 5: Hill wit the keeper, looks like he had the first, but a bad spot
3rd and 1: Hill wit the keeper, picks up the first down
1st and 10, TCU 34: Sidearm pass to Thomas on the WR screen, avoids the first defender and picks up 8
2nd and 2: Long pass to Williams is complete at the SMU 21
1st and 10, SMU 21: Quick pass to Williams, gain of 4
2nd and 6: Hicks with a 4yd run out of bounds
3rd and 2: Porter slides to attempt to make the catch and can’t hold on, dropped.
4th and 2: FG… Hatfield, with a 30yd attempt… GOOD (TCU 26, SMU 3)

SMU 10th Possession (4Q 13:50)

1st and 10, SMU 17: Handoff up the middle, gain of 3
2nd and 7: SACK… loss of 6, Collier on the sack
3rd and 12: Pass complete to Proche… FLAG… looks like PI on TCU, declined, first down
1st and 10, SMU 28: Pass complete to Sutton, out of bounds at the SMU 44
1st and 10, SMU 44: Handoff up the middle for a gain of just 1
2nd and 9: Pass complete over the middle, thrown down by Howard, gain of 4
3rd and 5: Pass nearly picked off by Orr, but he drops it
4th and 5: PUNT… fair caught at the TCU 19

Kickoff (4Q 13:56) – 16yd return to the SMU 17

TCU 10th Possession (3Q 5:21)

1st and 10, TCU 3: Pass complete to Walsh out to the 21
1st and 10, TCU 21: Pass to Porter on the cross route is behind him, falls incomplete
2nd and 10: Deep pass to Porter hangs too long and he’s unable to catch it over the defender
3rd and 10: Outlet pass to Hicks, makes a sweet move to avoid the first defender and gets the first down, 12 yard pick up
1st and 10, TCU 33: Handoff to Green, gain of 2
2nd and 8: Hill with the keeper to the right, isn’t able to void the tackler in space, no gain
3rd and 8: Perfect pass downfield to Austin at the SMU 44
1st and 10, SMU 43: Hand off to Anderson, gain of 6
2nd and 4: Anderson again with the carry, picks up the first gain of 7 to the SMU 30
1st and 10, SMU 30: Pass complete to Anderson (getting his reps in), gain of just 1 after being tripped up
2nd and 9: Pitch left to Green short gain
3rd and 8: Laser from Hill to Diarse in the middle of the field, complete for a 15 yard gain


1st and 10, SMU 13: Hill twisted around and he throws it away, strong play by Hill
2nd and 10: Hicks with the carry, nearly breaks it to the right, tripped up after a gain of 2
3rd and 8: Thomas was wide open coming across the middle but Hill was rushed and the pass is wide, incomplete
4th and 8: FG 25yd attempt… GOOD (TCU 23, SMU 3)

SMU 9th Possession (3Q 7:12)

1st and 10, SMU 20: Pass complete to Proche, 14 yard gain
1st and 10, SMU 34: Another pass to Proche along the sideline, gain of 4
2nd and 6: Pass complete to Freeman, Summers makes a great open field tackle, gain of 3
3rd and 3: Pass intended for Sutton and Small breaks it up! Glad to see he’s okay after being shaken up earlier
4th and 3: PUNT… White back deep… White lets it bounce and it goes out of bounds at the TCU 3

Kickoff (3Q 7:17): Bunce with another short kickoff, returned to the 20

TCU 9th Possession (3Q 12:02)

1st and 10, TCU 29 : FLAG… Hill with the scramble, Collins called for another holding penalty (that’s his third)
1st and 20, TCU 19: Pass to White out to the 30
2nd down: Pass to Diarse good for a first down
1st and 10, TCU 42: Pass low to White who is on the ground to catch it, loss of 1
2nd and 11: Pass low to Hicks, gets out of bounds at the 48, gain of 7
3rd and 4: Pass to Graham at the sideline, gain of 6
1st and 10, SMU 46: FLAG… false start on the entire offense
1st and 15: Hill pressured and he underhands it to Hicks, ruled incomplete
2nd and 15: Handoff to Hicks, bad read by Hill, he’s met in the backfield for a loss of 4
3rd and 19: Pass complete to Taj Williams short of the first down, but FLAG… INJURY TIMEOUT SMU… Penalty is facemark on SMU
1st and 10, SMU 25: Pass between two defenders to Diarse who makes a nice catch and slips the tackle, gain of 11
1st and 10, SMU 14: Hicks up the middle, one man to beat… tripped up at the 2
1st and GOAL, SMU 2: Pass to Wilson incomplete
2nd and GOAL: Fade to Austin (!!) caught! TD TCU (TCU 20, SMU 3)

SMU 8th Possession (3Q 14:50)

1st and 10: Pass good to the SMU 46
1st and 10: 2yd run
2nd and 8: Pass is too far for a wide open receiver running for the end zone
3rd and 8: Good push by the line, but the LBs are downfield, QB scramble, down to the TCU 37. That was Hicks’ longest run of his career… INJURY TIMEOUT TCU… Small shaken up.
1st and 10, TCU 37: Handoff to Freeman up the middle, Howard with the tackle, gain of 2
2nd and 8: Wildcat (horse?) Freeman up the middle, gain of 6
3rd and 2: Pass nearly picked off by McFarland, and he would have taken that to the house. Incomplete
4th and 2: FG Attempt… 46 yd attempt… NO GOOD Wide left. TCU will take over at their 29

Kickoff (3Q 14:50): Short kick, good coverage, tackled at the 16

TCU 8th Possession (3Q 15:00)

1st and 10, TCU 25: TD TCU, Diarse 75 yards… TCU 13, SMU 3

NOTE: Estridge and Denton reporting that Schlottman has a broken ankle and will not return.

Kickoff (3Q 15:00): Touchback

TCU 7th Possession (2Q 0:39)

1st and 10, TCU 16: Handoff to Hicks around the right side, picks up 15
1st and 10, TCU 31: TIMEOUT TCU… Pass to White downfield, picks up the first down at the TCU 46
1st and 10, TCU 46 (0:21): TIMEOUT TCU Hill with the keeper can’t get the first down…
2nd and 1: Spikes it…
3rd and 1 (0:05): TIMEOUT SMU… Hail Mary to the end zone, intended for Porter and off his hands. Incomplete


SMU 7th Possession (1Q 2:24)

1st and 10, SMU 26: West wit the handoff running right, Summers takes him down in the backfield, loss of 1
2nd and 11: West up the middle is met by Howard, Summers, and a few other Frogs, gain of 3
3rd and 8: West breaks two bad tackles, Small finally gets him just shy of the marker
4th and 1: TIMEOUT TCU
4th and 1: PUNT… White is back… lets it bounce, out of bounds at the TCU 16

Kickoff (2Q 2:29): Johnson returns it to the SMU 26; Gray with the tackle

TCU 6th Possession (2Q 7:07)

1st and 10, TCU 20: Pass complete to Hicks… FLAG… Holding on Collins (again)
1st and 20: Diarse is back and he makes a nice catch down to the 33
1st and 10, TCU 33: Pass complete to White good for 6
2nd and 4: Pass complete to Thomas, White with a great block to spring him and he runs down to the SMU 48
1st and 10, SMU 48: Pass to Hicks, gain of 7
2nd and 3: Pass complete to Taj Williams, one man to beat, and he fumbles it out of bounds at the 16
1st and 10, SMU 16: Hill fumbles the snap, Hicks picks it up and goes 5 yards, ugly but effective
2nd and 5: Shortside option, pitch to Hicks, almost gets the edge, picks up 7 and the first down
1st and goal, SMU 4: TIMEOUT SMU
1st and goal, SMU 4: Keeper, Hill isn’t able to get around the defender, loses 4
2nd and Goal, SMU 8: Hicks with the handoff, makes a quick move and gets it down to the 3
3rd and Goal: Fade to the corner and the catch is made out of bounds
4th and Goal: FG Attempt… GOOD TCU 6, SMU 3

SMU 6th Possession (2Q 10:33)

1st and 10, SMU 1: Keeper, gain of 2
2nd and 8: Handoff good for 7
3rd and 1: Up the middle, favorable spot for the ponies, first down
1st and 10, SMU 10: Handoff to West, gain of 3, Curry on the tackle
2nd and 7: Pass complete to Freeman in stride, big gain of 24
1st and 10, SMU 38: Freeman with the handoff, gain of 4
2nd and 6: Pass it thrown up downfield for Sutton, held up and FLAG… PI on Gray
1st and 10, TCU 43: Pass was aired out, overthrown in the end zone, they took a shot, but no chance with that throw
2nd and 10: Pass complete for 2 yards
3rd and 8: FLAG… offsides TCU
3rd and 3: Pass intended for Walker, Johnson makes a great play to dive in front of that ball to knock it away
4th and 3: PUNT… White back to receive… Kicked into the end zone, touchback.

TCU 5th Possession (2Q 12:28)

NOTE: every time White gets to return a punt TCU starts in SMU territory.

1st and 10, SMU 40: Pass off of Graham’s hands, incomplete
2nd and 10: Hicks with the hand off, gets taken off his feet again after picking up 6, it’s like Ballet out there for Hicks
3rd and 4: Pass behind Diarse, but catchable, is dropped
4th and 4: going for it… Hicks with the competition out of the backfield, picks up 11, great read by Hill
1st and 10, SMU 23: Hicks up the middle, taken down by the collar after 4 yards
2nd and 6: Diarse was open in the end zone and Hill’s pass is picked off at the 3… INT… FLAG… Diaries is down in the end zone… TARGETING… they call it after the interception so SMU gets to keep the ball, half the distance at the half yard line. REVIEW for the targeting… Millines is ejected for targeting

SMU 5th Possession (2Q 14:30)

1st and 10, SMU 20: Freeman up the middle, Howard stop him at the line, but he’s able to roll for 2 yards
2nd and 8: WR screen setup, pass complete, but the Frogs swarm, gain of just 1
3rd and 7: Pass complete over the middle, Summers makes a great open field tackle to prevent the first down
4th and 3: PUNT… White back… WHITE IS KILLING IT! Makes another great move, I swear he’ll bust one of these open tonight… gets it to the SMU 40

TCU 4th Possession (1Q 1:37)

1st and 10, TCU 3: Pass complete to Williams, gain of 12
1st and 10, TCU 15: Handoff to Hicks up the middle who WONT GO DOWN, takes it to the 34, 18 yard pickup
1st and 10, TCU 34: Handoff to Hicks again running right, slashes his way and picks up 5
2nd and 5: TJ is in and he gets the carry, but can only pick up 3


3rd and a short 3: Hicks runs to the left and gets upended after 2 yards
4th and short: MEASUREMENT… yup, short by a few lengths… going for it… nope… PUNT… fair catch at the 20

SMU 4th Possession (1Q 4:33)

1st and 10, SMU 25: Handoff off tackle, Howard wit the stop, gain of 5
2nd and 5: Deep pass for Walker is overthrown, incomplete
3rd and 5: FLAG… Offsides TCU
3rd and Inches: The old, “Can you hear me?” play, direct snap to the RB, enough for the first down
1st and 10: Handoff up the middle picks up 1, Summers on the tackle
2nd and 9: Handoff gain up the middle, pickup of 2
3rd and call it 6: High pass complete to Sutton, James on the tackle, gain of 12
1st and 10, TCU 46: Handoff to West, no gain, McFarland on the stop (good to see him ready to go tonight)
2nd and 10: Pressure from the edge, McFarland hits the QB’s arm, ball bounces incomplete
3rd and 10: Hicks throws it away while being spun down for a sack, called incomplete
4th and 10: PUNT… White is back… Good punt, bounced at the 4 and downed at the 3

Kickoff (1Q 4:33): Touchback

TCU 3rd Possession (1Q 5:16)

1st and 10 (SMU 34): Handoff to Hicks to the right, gain of 3
2nd and 7: FLAG… Handoff to Hicks picks up a couple… HOLDING TCU Collins (!!!!)
2nd and 17: Hill throws behind his intended receiver who was open crossing over the middle
3rd and 17: Quick pass out to White, makes a couple ponies miss and is pushed out at the 30 yard line, gain of 12 but 5 yards short. Penalty kills a drive again.
4th and 5: FG… 46 yd attempt… GOOD! TCU 3, SMU 3

SMU 3rd Possession (1Q 6:54)

1st and 10, SMU 2: FLAG… false start
1st and 11, SMU 1: Handoff to West up the middle, Curry with the hit, gain of 2
2nd and 9: Handoff again to West up the middle, pushes his way out to the SMU 7
3rd and 5: Deep pass for an open Sutton is overthrown, he had that and if it was in stride he’d still be running… Frog D holds/gets lucky
4th and 5: PUNT… White back… White showing some Turpin moves there, gets it back into SMU territory, TCU will start at the SMU 34

TCU 2nd Possession (1Q 8:34)

Media Timeout

1st and 10, SMU 43: Handoff to Hicks, picks his way up the middle for 3
2nd and 7: A tricky triple option reverse and Hill gets sacked, loss of 15 yards!!!
3rd and 22: Pass complete out to Hicks and he picks up a lot but is 6 yards short
4th and 6: PUNT… FANTASTIC PUNT, end over end kick is downed at the 2 yard line

SMU 2nd Possession (1Q 10:23)

1st and 10, SMU 41: Quick pass but the receiver is met by two frogs, no gain
2nd and 10: SACK… Davis and Meyer on the hit, loss of 6
3rd and 16: Handoff to West up the middle and he’s stuffed by Caraway for a loss of 2
4th and 18: PUNT… White is back to receive… catches it and makes a terrific move to get around the first wave, snakes his way down the field and is finally brought down in SMU territory, TCU will begin at the SMU 43

TCU 1st Possession (1Q 11:43)

1st and 10, TCU 11: Pass complete to Diarse, really need to get him into this game early, he’s upended after 4 yards
2nd and 6: Hill with a dangerous pass to Stewart who makes the catch between two SMU defenders
3rd and 1: Pass to Stewart over the middle is wide and the pass leads Stewart into the SMU defender… looked like a helmet to helmet hit but no flag.
4th and 1: Nunez PUNT, fair catch at the SMU 41

Kickoff (1Q 11:43): Graham and Gray back to receive… Short kick to the sideline, and Gray catches it with his foot out of bounds at the 11… sigh.

SMU 1st Possession (1Q 15:00)

1st and 10, SMU 25: Run up the middle for 8 yards
2nd and 2: Deep pass complete, catch and run down to the TCU 30
1st and 10: Handoff up the middle for 2 yards.
2nd and 8: Pass out to the sideline is overthrown, incomplete
3rd and 8: FLAG… offsides TCU, free play, leaping catch for Sutton in the end zone, but he’s out of bounds
3rd and 3: Pass complete over the middle, missed tackle and he gets 8 yards and the first down
1st and 10, TCU 15: Handoff down to the 8
2nd and 3: FLAG… false start
2nd and 8, TCU 13: Freeman with the carry, running to the pylon and FLAG… no signal for TD yet… HOLDING SMU… 10 yard penalty
2nd and 8, TCU 13: Pass complete Small is there to trip him up, gain of 6
3rd and 2: Wildcat keeper, Curry with the tackle he’s short by a yard!
4th and 1: FG, 23 yd attempt… GOOD SMU 3, TCU 0

Kickoff (1Q 15:00): Touchback

Coin Toss: TCU wins, will defer to the second half; SMU will receive.




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