TCU In a Bit of a QB Race, Just like 2014

The choices that TCU coach Gary Patterson has to choose from at the quarterback position include a variety of players with their own great skills. If anything, the Horned Frogs already have a good listing on college football rankings sites as it is. However, the choices that TCU has to make are similar in a way to what they had to work with back in 2014.
Two years ago, the team had to choose between a stud player in Trevone Boykin and a Texas A&M transfer in Matt Joeckel. Right now the Frogs have to choose between third-year sophomore Foster Sawyer and another A&M player, Kenny Hill.
Patterson says that the team won’t know who the starting quarterback will be until right before the season starts. This is similar to what happened with Boykin a few years back.
In 2014, Boykin lost weight and improved his speed while Joeckel did not commit to TCU until it was late in the process to where he didn’t have time to learn a new system. If anything, Boykin was an uncertain player in terms of being the quarterback as it was believed that he would become a wide receiver instead. Still, things worked for the Horned Frogs as Boykin was a Heisman finalist last year.
Kenny Hill is different from Matt Joeckel though. Hill has thrown more than 200 passes in SEC games and had 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions while with the Aggies.
Meanwhile, Foster Sawyer has thrown only eleven passes in his career with three interceptions. He is more familiar with the TCU system in spite of his lack of success.
Foster and Hill have known each other for a full year now and have been working together. Still, each player knows each other’s skills and positives. This could make for an interesting QB battle when everything is considered. The challenge will especially be personal, what with TCU being a rising name in the world of college football. There is no telling what could happen next as the fight for the QB position goes along.
Like what happened in 2014, the Frogs will have to look for a player who is strong in the pocket and can throw a deep ball. Considering how the Frogs did not make their decision in 2014 until August, this might be the right timeframe for them to consider when getting a new quarterback. After all, the Frogs did win the Big 12 title that year.
Patterson says that the quarterback that will do the best in scrimmages this offseason will be the one that becomes the Frogs’ starter this season. With the Frogs in the middle of a good Big 12 race and a playoff spot potentially on the line, this fight for the QB position will certainly be one worth looking forward to when all is considered. The latest college football lines are interesting now but they will certainly be different as time goes along and the QB battle really starts to heat up.