2019 QB Grant Gunnell talks about TCU visit

TCU fans who follow recruiting know the highs and lows of this process.  Recruiting is to college football what the draft is to the NFL.  There is drama, stiff competition, and often a battle for water cooler bragging rights.  At some point those who live and die with recruiting have said “Get back with me when he signs.”  You will be waiting three years to see who earns the signature of the Horned Frogs most recent recruit, 2019 QB sensation Grant Gunnell.

After a phenomenal freshmen season at Houston’s St. Pius X, Gunnell has generated strong interest on the recruiting trail.  On March 15th Gunnell visited the TCU campus.  Following his visit he took the time to talk with KillerFrogs about his impression of the program.  This young man seems to carry himself with humility in spite of leaping onto the national stage as a QB.  At 6-5 1/2 and 180 pounds he clearly posses the frame and the skill set to preform at the next level.

Grant Gunnell 24/7 Profile

What is your impression of TCU and Coach Cumbie?

It’s an unbelievable and amazing feeling to be recognized by TCU after one season, but it is also a very humbling feeling. My impression of TCU as a program is I would be a honored and thrilled to be apart of it. My time with Coach Cumbie consisted of discussing the offensive scheme and talking over culture.  He gave me great advice on how to handle the recruiting process.  I also spent time at practice and in meetings seeing what the quarterbacks go through.

How do you see your skills translating into the style of offense that TCU plays?

I see the TCU offense fitting my game as a quarterback, being able to sit in a pocket, and then being able to extend plays with my mobility.

What advice have you received about the recruiting process, considering how early it has started for you?

I’ve gotten great advice from coaches and players; the best advice I’ve received is to play like I’m a starter and work like I’m a backup.  I’ve also received some great advice from my high school coach Coach Hill.

What programs are you hearing from other than the Frogs?

I have been approached by Houston, Arkansas, SMU, Oregon and Missouri.



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