The FrogCast Episode 15

The Frog Cast
The Frog Cast
The FrogCast Episode 15

This week take a quick look at what was just announced: TCU is in the Alamo Bowl and they’re playing the University of Oregon. We’re excited and we’ll tell you why. Next, we have a good laugh as we relive how great it is to see Baylor lose (no matter what) as Texas went to Waco and somehow shut down the Bears.

Next, we dive into what we’ve all been waiting for: The College Football Payoff Playoff.  We look at how we think it might play out and who we think will win it all. And, we look at conference championship games, the need for one, as well as that great old topic: expansion.

Geoff decides to put Trey and Daniel on the spot and ask a few questions regarding MVPs, favorite moments, etc.

And, we look at the Coaching Carousel that is going on and how it affects TCU, mainly with Sonny Cumbie and Doug Meacham.

**Also, Daniel apologizes for somehow having the wrong microphone turned on for a while and for all sorts of noises coming through because he thought the microphone was off.**

All that, and so much more, on The FrogCast.