Horned Frogs Shaping up for a strong finish under Dixon


The TCU Frogs Shaping Up for a Strong Finish Under Dixon

The Frogs have been surprising everyone this year, and that’s not likely to stop as the season winds down. Success is a new companion to the Frogs, who have begun to flourish under the new head coach Jamie Dixon. Last year saw the ousting of former coach Trent Johnson following a foul season. Johnson was replaced by Dixon, a strategy-minded leader who would go on to lead the Frogs to their best Big 12 record since they joined the conference. Has Dixon kept up his good work? The 2017-18 season has gone respectably for the Frogs, and they are shaping up for a strong finish this year.

TCU on the Rise with Dixon

Jamie Dixon returned as the prodigal son to TCU after being sought after by the athletic department for years during his tenure at Pitt. To say that TCU under Johnson was something less than successful is an understatement. Finishing in the last place in the Big 12 during the 2016 season was the icing on the cake. Dixon began fresh with one of the best starts to a season any coach has had, successfully executing the second-best team turnaround in the history of TCU and bringing the Frogs more than any other men’s basketball coach before    him.

Coach Jamie Dixon is determined to lead the Frogs to victory.

Remember how Dixon led the team to their first win against a number-one ranked team or how he pushed them to compete in TCU’s first Big 12 semifinal game? He even helped secure the NIT Tournament for them — winning against Georgia Tech 88-56 at Madison Square Garden (arguably, a historic landmark after that event).

This season got off to a hot start in November with an undefeated running in non-conference ball, but since then has slowed down considerably. However, there’s no need to panic just yet. TCU has been losing, but by narrow margins. In fact, that they’ve set a record.

It takes time to build up any team, and Dixon is showing he’s got the mettle to do what’s necessary for the Frogs.



Fans Delight as a Winning Strategy Emerges

After an admitted slowdown in mid-season, it’s understandable why fans might be a little bit disappointed in the Frogs. But that’s no reason to give up hope, as game history has shown us many times before. So, what exactly is the Frogs’ strategy all about, and how is Dixon helping to bring his own flair to the fire burning under his team?

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Jamie Dixon shows explains his strategy in transitional basketball.

After Saturday’s disappointing loss, it’s easy to forget how well the Frogs are doing. Yes, they dropped off a little after a hot start, but the foundation for success is there. Dixon has done a lot of recruiting since being hired, and he’s gone out on a limb to do it. Desmond Bane is now TCU’s top scorer, averaging 12.8 points — and he was a no-star prospect; as in, nobody wanted him. Bane is followed by two other major players that Dixon recruited right away. Kouat Noi, who currently averages 9.1 points and Jaylen Fisher who averages 11.1 points.

The iconic Schollmaier Arena at TCU, home to the Frogs and Jamie Dixon.


The players that Dixon has recruited aren’t the only reason TCU has been on a hot streak. Dixon has also convinced some major players to stay in the game instead of transferring away at the beginning of the season. Players seem to appreciate Dixon, and nobody wants to let him down. He’s rather humble for the success his team has had, and this only further encourages his players. He seems like a stand-up guy who just had a bit of a bad break at Pitt, but that failure is our success. The TCU Frogs get him back, and he’s willing to fight for them now just like he did in the past. Maybe doubly this time.

Jamie Dixon shows his true colors in a Big 12 interview.

The clear head on his shoulders is proving to be worth a lot more than some would have thought. Dixon’s success has come on the heels of a rather embarrassing situation at Pitt, though as of right now, the situation is embarrassing for Pitt — after all, they’re the ones who have to contend with pushing out a coach that managed an 11-0 streak at the start of his season now working for the opposition. Considering that Pitt’s average at that time was 7-5, the situation is doubly taxing for them.

Dedicated Frogs fans are ecstatic. A dynamic team and a coach laying the groundwork for success means they can finally relax. Fans are likely to have more at stake than they may let on, though. That means money. The lesser-known wagering world of fantasy sports betting is becoming more and more popular, and the Frogs now have valuable players to draft. Draft Day is currently the only venue hanging tenaciously onto their college basketball fantasy league, and they have the upper hand. Along with their recent success TCU, paves the way for a different experience for Frogs fans, allowing them to share and trade the Frogs in fantasy league sports —and maybe reap some financial rewards as well.



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